Trento, 26 November 2023

Itas Trentino-Farmitalia Catania 3-0, the match report

Chronicle of the match. Itas Trentino returns to the tricolor mondoflex of the ilT quotidiano Arena in a standard lineup, after coach Fabio Soli had made an ample turnover during the week against Ljubljana: Sbertoli as setter, Rychlicki as opposite, Michieletto and Lavia as spikers, Kozamernik and Podrascanin in the middle, Laurenzano as libero. Farmitalia Catania responds with Orduna as setter, Buchegger as opposite, Basic and Randazzo in Area 4, Bossi and Masulovic as middle blockers, Cavaccini as libero. The early phase is balanced until 4-4, then an ace by Rychlicki offers the first cue to the hosts (6-4), who, however, are soon caught up due to a mistake by Podrascanin (6-6). It takes another serve rotation for Trento’s opposite to regain the advantage (14-11), helped by two direct errors at the net by the Sicilians. Douglas Silva spends a time out, but on resumption Sbertoli's block increases the lead (17-13) and then an ace of his own makes it 20-14; the yellow-blue Team flies fast towards the 1-0 lead (22-15), which comes shortly after, on 25-15 with Kamil still in great evidence.
The court change does not change the script; in the second set, Itas Trentino dominates the scene at break point, this time immediately (4-1, 7-3 and 10-6) thanks to the great incisiveness of the high ball trio. At 12-7 Farmitalia has already interrupted the game twice, with no tangible results. Rychlicki scores in all fundamentals, even with the block, and Kozamernik's serve hurts the guests’ second line (16-10). Catania tries to climb back up with Basic (18-14), but then suffers a heavy break again (23-16), ending 25-17 with an attack by Michieletto.
The Italian champions want to treat themselves to their first 3-0 home win of the season and push hard from the start of the third set, led with ease already at 7-3. Michieletto hammers from Area 4, offering the whole repertoire of his shots (14-7). Rychlicki revs up the engine once again (17-10, 20-12) and leads the team to a clear and deserved success: 25-18, with a last point scored by Lavia with a great diagonal.

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