Tours (France), 29 November 2023

Tours Vb-Trentino Itas 1-3, the match report

The match report. Trentino Itas appeared at the Salle Robert Grenon in Tours after six and a half years, with the best possible lineup: Sbertoli as setter, Rychlicki as opposite, Michieletto and Lavia as spikers, Kozamernik and Podrascanin as middle blockers, and Laurenzano as libero. The home team responded with Coric as setter, Drame Neto as opposite, Tammearu and Mendez as spikers, Parkinson and Dos Santos as middle blockers, and Ramon as libero. The start of the match was promising for the guests, putting pressure on the opponents who made mistakes and quickly conceded an external lead of 5-2. Drame Neto was stopped at the block, and Trento accelerated (7-3), but then Tours caught up (8-7), due to some errors at the net as well. The Italian Champions resumed without major issues, thanks to the effectiveness of Rychlicki's spikes (11-7) and Lavia's (17-13), then comfortably extended their lead in the end (22-17), taking advantage of the excessive mistakes at the net by the French. An ace from the excellent Kozamernik, seen in the first set, sealed the deal at 25-17.
The match became more balanced in the second set, with Tours finding more consistency in the transition play (3-3 and 6-6). Two consecutive aces from Dos Santos gave the French their first lead (8-18), but Trento, with serving (aces from Kozamernik and Michieletto), climbed back and took the lead (15-14) but only for a moment. The home team accelerated again (16-19) with Drame Neto. Soli called a timeout, and at resumption, his team responded superbly, with Michieletto and Kozamernik (another ace for 22-21). The ending belonged entirely to the yellow-blue Team: Michieletto created a new advantage (23-21), and then errors from Drame Neto and the newly-entered Prevert (at the serve) sealed the 2-0 victory (25-22).
Trentino Itas wanted to close the contest in three sets, and in the third they started strong (4-1 and 10-7), thanks to a great Sbertoli, also effective at the block. Michieletto and Rychlicki wasted nothing, while Drame Neto and Tammearu did (13-10). In the worst moment of his game, the Brazilian opposite (former Vibo) rose and almost single-handedly scored the break points that put the French ahead at 16-17. Soli interrupted the game, but at resumption, his team struggled to contain the French, who took a +3 lead (20-23). Michieletto's serving brought the score back to 22-23, then Tammearu prolonged the match to the fourth set (23-25).
Riding the wave of success from the previous period, Tours Vb started well in the next set (6-9) with the usual Brazilian opposite. Lavia didn't accept it and, with his serve, found the tying points (9-9) and then the subsequent break, well-supported by Michieletto. In the middle of the set, Alessandro achieved two consecutive blocks (15-12); Tours recovered to 15-15, but then number 5, again with his serve and attack, definitively closed the discussion (18-15, 21-17, and 25-19).

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