Trento, 29 February 2024

Champions League, Soli after Trento-Berlino 3-0: "Solid performance"

"It is too early to understand the actual extent of the injury suffered by Sbertoli, but I think this should not take anything away from the team's performance, which was solid and intense from the very first point scored - Trentino Itas coach Fabio Soli commented after the match - . I am very happy for my guys; we had set ourselves the goal of moving on in the Champions League and we achieved it. We were coming off a win in Berlin that had certainly made our task easier today, but the team showed that it wanted to play well all the way and found success by the largest margin. Now we will challenge Civitanova in the semifinals and we will definitely give life to a very intense doubleheader, which we will try to win in order to continue on our path. It will be a good show and another great opportunity to measure ourselves against the highest level."
In three days, on Sunday, March 3 at 6 p.m., the next home match will be played against Padua for the last round of SuperLega Credem Banca 2023/24 regular season.

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