Trento, 03 March 2024

Soli: "I believe that at times something good was seen"

"I thought it was right to use the match to give minutes on the court to those who until now had worked so hard during training without, however, finding much space in official matches," explained Itas Trentino coach Fabio Soli - . I believe that at times something good was seen, confirming the important qualities of some of our guys. The emotion and tension, not only in the faces but also in the way of playing, especially in moments of difficulty, were seen at times, but it was absolutely foreseeable also because we are going into a period where we will really need every player. Thank you, therefore, to everyone for what we did tonight against a level opponent like Padova".
In three days, Wednesday 6 March, at the ilT quotidiano Arena it will already be time for Game 1 of the quarter-finals of the Play Off Scudetto 2024, to be played against Modena. Kick-off scheduled for 20.30. Ticket presale is already active at

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