Trento, 07 April 2024

Play Off, Monza conquers Trento for the first time. The Semifinal backs to Brianza

The Scudetto Play Off Semifinal series between Itas Trentino and Mint Monza will return to Brianza on Thursday, April 11, to kick off its fourth match. The Italian Champions were unable to take advantage of the first opportunity to close the series, on Sunday evening at the ilT quotidiano Arena, surrendering to the guests at the end of a multi-faceted game 3, for the entire duration of its five sets, followed in the stands by over four thousand people (sold out). The guests won at the tie-break, first by recovering the initial disadvantage, then by going ahead 2-1, before being taken back, and finally winning 3-2 at the photo-finish; it was the first ever victory of Vero Volley in Trento, which thus cancelled the first of three match ball in the hands of the opponents and brought the dispute back to Lombardy for another midweek match.
Maar's recovery and Eccheli's choice to play with three spikers, giving up the pure opposite Szwarc, allowed the Brianzoli to be much more incisive in attack and in serve, and to be able to count on 73 points brought in by the high-ball trio. Faced with such a shockwave at the net, Itas Trentino reasonably struggled more to get the better of the opponent, showing a less incisive serve, which a great pride and a super block (14 winning block even tonight) only partly compensated for. Michieletto's 24 points (with 55% attack) and Lavia's 20 points (with 42%) were not enough to close out the series, also because from the start of the fourth set the Italian champions had to do without Rychlicki (out due to cramps), who was nevertheless well replaced by Nelli (9 points with 62%). Takahashi, in the end MVP and best scorer with 25 winning balls, led his team to a narrow victory in the tie break; a two-point gap: as many as those that had also decided the first, third and fourth sets, confirming the great balance seen on court.

Below is the scoreboard of game 3 of the SuperLega Credem Banca 2024 Play Off Scudetto Semifinal played Sunday night at the ilT quotidiano Arena.

Itas Trentino-Mint Vero Volley Monza 2-3
(26-24, 22-25, 25-27, 27-25, 13-15)
ITAS TRENTINO: Acquarone 2, Lavia 20, Kozamernik 11, Rychlicki 15, Podrascanin 7, Laurenzano (L); Magalini, Nelli 9, Pace (L). N.e. D’Heer, Cavuto, Berger, Garcia. Coach : Fabio Soli.
MINT VERO VOLLEY: Di Martino 9, Loeppky 24, Maar 22, Galassi 8, Kreling 1, Takahashi 25, Gaggini (L); Szwarc, Beretta, Visic, Mujanovic. N.e. Comparoni e Morazzini. Coach: Massimo Eccheli.
REFEREES: Vagni from Perugia and Piana from Carpi (Modena).
SET LENGTH: 32’, 30’, 34’, 36’, 20’; tot: 2h and 32’.
NOTES: 4,026 spectators, total revenue: 52,526 euros. Itas Trentino: 14 blocks, 4 aces, 18 serve errors, 7 action errors, 49% in attack, 55% (20%) in reception. Mint Vero Volley: 10 blocks, 5 aces, 15 serve errors, 8 action errors, 49% attack, 47% (15%) reception. Mvp Takahashi.

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