Trento, 07 April 2024

Play Off, Soli after Semifinal match #3: "Exciting match played to the last point"

"After game 1 we expected more and more difficulties in the following matches and today the level of play definitely rose - Itas Trentino coach Fabio Soli gave his analysis after the match - . Monza has recovered a very important player like Maar and we imagined that tonight they could play with three spikers. This set-up is actually very effective, because it gives consistency to our opponents throughout their break phase; they put us in difficulty, putting us in a difficult position with serve and defence and playing with a four-man receiving line that did not allow us to produce what we usually manage to do with our serve. Beyond all this, I think it was an exciting match played to the last point, as we should expect game 4 and a possible game 5 to be. Now we just have to think about recovering physical and, above all, mental energy, because we were coming from several victories obtained through good play, so we must immediately metabolise this defeat at home, taking it as a starting point to restart with a view to the upcoming game 4”.
In four days' time, on Thursday, April 11, game 4 will be played at the Opiquad Arena in Monza, starting at 8:30 pm: live on Radio Dolomiti and Volleyball World Tv.

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