Monza, 11 April 2024

Mint Vero Volley Monza-Itas Trentino 3-1, the match report

Chronicle of game 4. The starting six proposed by the two coaches faithfully followed those used at the beginning of Sunday's match in Trento: Soli brought Sbertoli to the bench to give him a taste of the atmosphere of the match (on the bench in place of Berger) and brought back Rychlicki, who covered the diagonal with Acquarone as setter, Michieletto and Lavia in area 4, Kozamernik and Podrascanin in the middle, and Laurenzano as libero; while Eccheli re-proposed the three-spiker module: Kreling as setter, Loeppky as opposite, Maar and Takahashi as spikers, Galassi and Di Martino in the middle, Gaggini as libero. The match started in favour of the hosts, who accelerated several times (3-5, 9-11 and 12-14) with Maar, but were constantly taken back by Michieletto and Lavia (9-9 and 11-11); Monza scores with Takahashi's ace (12-16), but after the time out the yellow-blue team quickly climbed the slope again with Lavia and Michieletto (15-16). The final rush was all tricolour: Michieletto signed the extension (22-20) and defended the advantage to the end with a pipe (25-22).
Riding the wave of victory in the first set, Itas Trentino also got off to a good start in the second set with Lavia (6-3), but Monza took little time to catch up. The Gialloblù tried again to run away (11-9) with Michieletto and Kozamernik (great block), but once again the hosts climbed back up the ladder at 18. In the end it was Rychlicki (attack and ace) who extended the lead (23-21), but a counter-attack by Takahashi and a block by Galassi on the same opposite player led to a turnaround (23-24). Soli interrupted the game, but on resumption it was Maar who scored, making the score 23-25 and 1-1.
After the change of court, the Gialloblù paid something from a mental point of view, immediately going under (1-4 and 2-6), so much so that Trento’s coach decided to insert Nelli in place of Rychlicki. The situation didn't change much, as Monza continued to dictate the pace (9-11 and 12-17), scoring with Maar and especially with Loeppky. Soli then throws Garcia into the fray in place of Acquarone and his team finds a good reaction with Podrascanin's block and Michieletto's attacks (17-19). Monza responded with Di Martino (block on Kozamernik for 20-23) and then closed the set on 23-25 with Maar, taking a 2-1 lead.
In the fourth set Trento immediately pulled the plug (1-6, 1-9 and 4-16) and Soli's changes (Garcia, Magalini and D'Heer in) were of no use after the coach had decided to start with Nelli in place of Rychlicki. The gap became increasingly clear and unbridgeable, with Galassi often putting the ball on the ground (7-21) and anticipating the verdict, which came at 11-25.

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