Monza, 11 April 2024

Monza, Soli: " We must learn the lesson ahead of game five"

"Monza played well the whole match, while we played great only until the end of the second set, when we were no longer able to do well in the side-out phase - explained coach Fabio Soli at the end of the match - . We knew we had to do something important to get out of that situation, but we didn't succeed, and I think this created the conditions for the evident drop we suffered afterwards. We were still hanging on in the third set and then in the fourth we collapsed, and this group does not deserve to end the match like that. There are obvious merits of Monza but at that juncture we were no longer ourselves. We must learn the lesson ahead of game five, which we knew could be the conclusion of this series”.
In three days' time, on Sunday April 14, the two teams will be back at Trento's ilT quotidiano Arena for the fifth and decisive match, which will start at 6 pm. Tickets are already on sale online at

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