Trento, 14 April 2024

Soli after Semifinale Game 5: "Great Monza but my team gave everything"

"First of all, we absolutely have to congratulate Monza: they played a very intense series, working to the limit of perfection between block and defence, fundamentals that put us in particular difficulty - explained coach Fabio Soli at the end of the match - . Tonight, the team gave everything and to my players I must reproach only the fact of having made these forty-five days without Sbertoli pass as a normal period, creating great expectations thanks to several victories; as if this Itas Trentino without its starting setter should bring home, in any case, the same results that came before his injury. At the same time, however, this is also a merit because the group has worked in the best possible way to support Acquarone, who played a good game today also thanks to his teammates. In this series we expected to suffer, we managed to bring home the first two games while in the following ones both teams fought until the last point. Today we really gave our all, we left absolutely no stone unturned on the Mondoflex and this is a merit that should make us digest this defeat as soon as possible. We must reset and restart, because the qualities of this team are there and because the series for third place that starts on Wednesday against Milan has a goal as important as the Champions League. The goals we still have in front of us are so significant that I don't think it's worth crying or regretting a hard-fought game that was only lost 15-17 in the tie break.”

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