Antalya (Turkey), 05 May 2024

Trentino Itas-Jastrzebski Wegiel 3-0, the match report

Chronicle of the Antalya SuperFinals. After more than two months of waiting, Trentino Itas can finally return on court with all the players; Soli recovers Lavia and puts him back on the diagonal with Michieletto, Sbertoli returns as director, Rychlicki as opposite, Kozamernik and Podrascanin in the middle, and Laurenzano as libero. The Jastrzebski team, freshly crowned Polish champions, responded with Toniutti as setter, Patry as opposite, Fornal and Syzmura as spikers, Gladyr and Huber in the middle, and Popiwczak as libero. Trentino’s start was very determined: Kozamernik blocked Syzmura and Rychlicki counter-attacked for the initial 4-1 lead; Jastrzebski had to wait a few rotations to reply with Huber (from 8-5 to 9-9), but then Michieletto and Podrascanin again provided the break (15-12). The Poles reacted again, shortening the lead to minus one (18-17), before Lavia was also unleashed, blocking Patry at one (21-18). It was the decisive spurt, because Michieletto then took care of securing the advantage and closing the set (25-20).
In the second set, Jastrzebski tried to change gears, starting at full speed in the break phase (0-3), but Trento took little time with Michieletto to settle the situation (4-4) after Soli's time out. The Poles had to give way to Alessandro's ace and Rychlicki's attacks (9-7, time out by Mendez), but then Fornal was unleashed, giving Jastrzebski a new lead (11-12). Kamil and Michieletto were once again able to reverse the situation (19-17). The Gialloblù defended their advantage with their teeth against Fornal's outbursts at the net and on serve, and closed the set 25-22 again with their number 5 player, flying to the 2-0 lead.
In the third set, the battle was point-to-point from the start, with the two teams taking turns leading the score (8-7 and 12-10 and 13-15). Fornal tried to lead his teammates, this time also well supported by Syzmura, but Podrascanin signed the tie at 15 with a block. The captain is very present in the middle of the net and together with Rychlicki leads his team towards a new important lead (21-18). And that was it: Trento held onto the three-point lead and closed out the match with a block by Podrascanin himself: 25-21... European champions for the fourth time!

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