Antalya (Turkey), 05 May 2024

Antalya, Coach Soli: "We crowned our great dream"

“I believe that, even before this wonderful match, what we accomplished had great value; but tonight, we added something exceptional - coach Fabio Soli explained after the match - . We crowned our great dream, we wanted to get to play the Final, and then after we got here, we also wanted to win it. We succeeded. Thanks to everyone who contributed to our cause; what we have experienced in the last few months has been very special, but we managed to win this title thanks to the solidity of the Club, the work of the staff, and the determination of the players. After all the energies we spent and how much we suffered we still found the strength to play this game to the best of our ability. I must say that in four days we managed to put together a strong physical and mental condition”.
The newly crowned European champions will return to Trento on Monday afternoon, ready to share the joy and the newly won trophy with all the fans who have supported them during this long season.

Trentino Volley Srl
Press Office