Trento, 14 May 2024

Fabio Soli: "I'll tell you about my first season on the yellow-blue bench"

On Monday morning, on the sidelines of the meeting with the municipal authorities at Palazzo Geremia in Trento, the coach of the newly crowned European champion Trentino Itas Fabio Soli spoke to Trentino Volley Tv - the official web TV of the Gialloblù club. Here are some of the most interesting passages from the interview.

COMMENT. "I started my experience with Trentino Volleyball in this very Hall of Representation of the Municipality of Trento with the presentation to the press and today we are here to close the first season with an extra Champions League. Only a week has passed since the victory in Antalya, but the emotion is still very strong; I was happy to be once again the guest of the Mayor and the City and to have offered Trento this very important trophy".

THE WORK CONTINUES. "The end of the season always coincides with the time to re-examine what we have done during the last seven months to understand, in detail, what we have done and what has helped us reach certain goals, but above all where we can improve. Even though there are no more players to coach, our work continues, with perhaps a little less stress but still with great determination. We are laying the foundations for the next competitive year".

TRENTO. "The first year on the bench of Trentino Volley has been a wonderful gym of life; I take home a suitcase full of experiences and new lessons on which to reason and reflect. The environment, the club and the players have given me so much; for me it was my debut season in a top club and it required a lot of commitment and passion, which was never lacking. I was able to experience first-hand how certain things are done at the highest level; it was definitely the most important step in my coaching career".

TEAM. "What I had at my disposal was an important group, which did exceptional things; the moment when, just before the Champions League SuperFinals, we found ourselves with a full squad again, a new light immediately came on, the same light that had guided us to victory in the SuperLega regular season. It only took a few moments together again with a ball in our hands to get back to our best, with a particular joy that made the difference in the dry game against Jastrzebski in Turkey. We were a single entity with the management, medical and technical staff".

PODRASCANIN. "Sbertoli's point defence in the first set and the captain's winning wall on the last point of the Champions League Final were the crowning glory of a season that we wanted at all costs to end like that. The episodes, even lucky ones, are the result of the great determination expressed by each of us to reach this goal".

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