Trento, 19 May 2024

Acquarone: "A wonderful first season, ready to immediately begin another one"

Together with Oreste Cavuto, he was one of the few players to remain in Trento even in the weeks following the fall out: Alessandro Acquarone enjoyed some relaxation in Trentino in the last few days before returning home, thus concluding an amazing first season with the yellow-blue jersey that saw him more of a protagonist than he would have thought twelve months ago, when he signed his contract with the Club in Via Trener.
“We crowned a year of hard work, marked by difficulties especially in the final part, with the most beautiful cherry we could put on our cake - he told the microphone of Trentino Volley Tv - . Winning the Champions League in Antalya was fantastic; I will never forget the emotion I felt when Podrascanin scored the final point: we all ran onto the court to hug each other, happy as never before. I'm glad I was able to help out my team when Ricky had to stay in the pits, fortunately things went well, especially in the European semi-final against Civitanova. The moment was decisive and it wasn't easy for me, especially at the beginning, but I think I managed to do my part, unravelling a few knots”.
“This is another reason why I am very satisfied with my first season in Trento: it served me well to improve, not only from a technical and tactical point of view but also mentally - Acquarone concluded -. I understood what I have to do to get to a higher level than I am now and I definitely want to take a further step forward. When we return to the gym in the summer for training, I will be able to start from a greater awareness, to try to show off and give even more. The best match? It's hard to say right off the bat, but winning game 2 of the quarter-finals in Modena like that was definitely a nice memory, one to treasure”.

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