Trento, 22 May 2018

Grebennikov’s arrival: the fans go wild. Boom in contacts on social networks

The fans of Trentino Volley went wild when they discovered that Lisinac and Grebennikov signing has been made official. The straodinary response of the yellow-blues’ fans on social networks prove it indeed, in the last 24 hours, the supporters of Trentino Volley have recorded a boom in contacts thanks to the news of the arrival of the strong French libero. The data show even more enthusiasm than that generated by the arrival of the Serbian middle-blocker. On the afternoon of 21st May, the official website
tallied almost 5.000 visits, with 1.150 new users and the remarkable amount of 8.230 consulted pages between midday and midnight. The “Grebennikov effect” gave an important boost to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts, pages that have seen an increase of more than 650 followers. The Twitter posts on what happened became viral and this made the yellow-blue’s profile (that can be consulted here receive more than 32.500 views, 25.195 “impressions”, 104 "retwitts" and 594 "likes". The response on Trentino Volley’s Facebook page was significant (available here; we need only think that there were more than 35.000 people who were reached by the posts when the agreement was officialised, with also 88 sharings, more than 2.000 “likes” and also about a hundred comments. The biggest explosion took place on the Instagram’s account ( the two post dedicated to Grebennikov  produced 77.000 “impressions”, with also 13.000 “likes” and 210 comments, and now the account has 400 followers more. The video message with Grebennikov’s greeting, realized by Jenia himself, gained 1.430 views in just 20 hours on Trentino Volley’s Tv.

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