Trento, 19 June 2018

Van Garderen: "Trento is trustworthy. I will grow even more eith Lorenzetti”

Marteen Van Garderen beach volley version

The first interview as a player of Trentino Volley for Maarten Van Garderen, new spiker.

Welcome Maarten, your Italian career is going on in Trento.
“I'm very pleased. I arrived in a glorious Society which year after year confirmed itself on the top of Italian and international Volleyball and it also did so during the last season. So I'm happy to have the possibility to live in this environment, that inspired me confidence; the same confidence that I found in Lorenzetti when we spoke and he asked me to come here. I'm ambitious, I want to keep on improving in every fundamental and I believe Trentino Volley is the right choice to do so. I appreciated the words Angelo said during our conversations. He motivated me and made me understand how much he wanted me. During the last season I spent in Modena everyone says good things about him.”
What kind of player are you?
“ My ambition is to become a complete player, that's why I make many efforts in training every day to improve in every fundamental, excluding none. I believe technique is very improtant for every athelete and it is how you solve any kid of situation during the match. Every time I enter the gym I think about that.”
During summer 2017 you participated in World Tour di Beach Volley. Was it only a parethesis?
“I felt like trying, at least for one year and thanks to the Dutch Federation I had the opportunity to do play with Varenhorst, one of the most important specialists. It was a very important experience under every point of view. The results were good at a time and less good in other occasions but we reached the semifinal of the World Championship in Vienna. My passion is traditinal volley, six gainst six in the gym.”
Who is Maarten Van Garderen beyond volleyball?
“I'm a positive person, very attached to my old friends. During the season it's hard to cultivate them because I'm always moving so I try and exploit the free time I have to stay with them. One of my great passions is techno-house music; I used to be a dj...”
Which goals do you have for your eperience here in Trento?
“To work well in the gym, play as much as possible, be useful for the team, improve and win the highest number of matches. Not in this order.”
Have you already spoken with some of your team mates?
“With Grebennikov, we shared the experience int he German championship with the  Friedrichshafen jersey.     It was one of the most beautiful seasons of my career and I'm happy to meet Jenia here in Trento, we already spoke. We can't wait to start again our friendship.”

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