Trento, 20 November 2019

Itas Trentino-Kioene Padova 2-3, the match report

The chronicle of the match. The formation chosen by coach Angelo Lorenzetti for this occasion includes Giannelli setter, Vettori opposite spiker, Kovacevic and Russell hitter spikers, Lisinac and Candellaro middle-blockers, Grebennikov libero. While Kioene Padova: Travica setter, Hernandez opposite spiker, Barnes and Ishikawa place 4, Volpato and Polo middle-blockers, Danani libero. The start is in the sign of the ball changer, fifteen in a row before the first break signed by a block of Lisinac on the pipe of Barnes (9-7). In the central part of the opening set the hosts try to increase their advantage (12-9) thanks to an error of Hernandez but the hosts with the same Barnes make up again immediately below (12-11). The contest then returns to be balanced (14-14, 18-18); to break it definitively you need an ace of Giannelli and a block of Kovacevic on the opposite spiker Cuban (21-18). Trento manages the advantage, then Djuric increases it (24-19) and concludes the game on 25-20 with a mistake in the service Patavino.
In the second part of the game, Itas Trentino returned to the field unloaded and immediately suffered the actions of Kioene, that in a few minutes moved forward 1-5, forcing Lorenzetti to stop the game. However, the course of the match didn't change, because the gialloblù team made a mistake in the attack (3-9). Kovacevic tries to shake his own to the sound of attacks (10-14); the Itas Trentino launch in pursuit of the opponent (14-18, 17-19) dragged by Vectors (ace and counterattack). On the most beautiful, however, Polo blocks the same opposite (19-23) and Padua makes his action on 1-1 (20-25).
In the third set Padua is again in the lead in the break point phase (3-4 and 5-8), taking advantage of some mistakes of the gialloblù team. Lorenzetti has already spent both time outs on the 6-10, without being able to find a good solution, so  that Lisinac's mistake in the first half is worth the +5 guest (7-12). The Trentino coach then puts Cebulj into the field for a Kovacevic who seems to be in difficulty  (11-17), but the game does not change and Kioene continues to be effective at his actions: first (13-20) and then (16-23). The external advantage in the calculation of the partials arrives therefore already on 19-25, thanks to  Hernandez.
The fourth set begins with a lot of services of Ishikawa; the two successful permit the advantage of Kioene (3-6). Trentino Volley gradually loses the connection (7-11, 8-13) and so Lorenzetti proposes the double change Djuric-Codarin for Vettori-Lisinac. The shock that the World Champions were looking for is taken by Mitar, who with a counterforce and a block shakes the team (12-14), that within minutes finds the tie (15-15).  The last part of the set is almost lived on the point to point (20-20, 22-22), in which stand out three imperious blocks of Codarin. To decide the set it is a double attack of Cebulj (24-22 and 25-23). In the tie break Trentino Volley immeidtaley found the opportunity for the lead (5-3, 8-5); Padova replies with Ishikawa (10-10) and reaches +2 with Hernandez (11-13). Trentino Volley ralizes a sensational partial of 3-0 (14-13) with Cebulj; then Kioene cancels a match ball, does not use four and closes a the fifth (19-21) with a mistake oF Cebulj.

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