Trento, 24 May 2020

President Mosna at Tele Santerno: "We are already being at work for next season"

On Friday evening, on the eve of the twentieth anniversary of the foundation of Trentino Volley, President Diego Mosna was the guest of the TV show "Sport Day by Day" on Tele Santerno - a popular broadcaster in Emilia Romagna.
"Massimo Righi is a great manager and an excellent successor for the Presidency of the League - he explained -. I hope that he is not only a ferryman but that his mandate can be extended in time, because he is a person who has been able to be appreciated also in the international field for the ideas and projects he has developed for men's Italian volleyball. Coronavirus aside, volleyball has a great future ahead of it". 
"Even Trentino Volleyball has excellent prospects, especially if we can actually put into practice the team project that we had outlined before the emergency – the President continued - . We've already been working for some time with our sponsors to verify the actual budget available for next season, trying to make sure it doesn't deviate too much from what we had assumed before the lockdown. We are counting on putting a respectable roster at the start of the next season, which may be competitive for more titles. I hope that football can resume as soon as possible, as I hear it being said at this time: it would be an important asset for the whole sport. It would point the way forward for all the other disciplines, especially team sports. A great event at the end of August at the Arena di Verona remains our goal, on which I myself am continuing to work".

Trentino Volley Srl
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