Trento, 26 November 2021

2021 Fivb Club World Championship, notes and statistical curiosities


Some statistical and curious notes emerged after the formalization of the Pools and the schedule of the 1st phase of the World Cup per Clubs 2021.

IN POOL B AS IN 2010, 2011, 2014, 2016 AND 2018. Trentino Volley is going to play the first phase of the World Cup per Clubs 2021 in Pool B, the pool in which it was inserted in the past in the edition 2010 (first place ahead of Drean Bolivar), 2011 (won ahead of Sesi San Paolo), 2014 (third place behind Al-Rayan and UPCN, resulting in the elimination), 2016 (first place, again ahead of Bolivar), and 2018 (first place ahead of Resovia). In the other three previous participations (2009, 2012, and 2013) it was placed in Pool A, the pool that only in 2013 didn’t see the yellow-blue excel.


IN BETIM, FIVE YEARS AFTER. Trentino Volley will play all matches of the manifestation in Betim, a Brazilian city with almost 400,000 residents at the door of Belo Horizonte, in the state of Minas Gerais, which the yellow-blue Company perfectly knows already because it has disputed two previous editions of the World Cup per Clubs (2013 and 2016) and a total of ten matches. The latest match dates back to five years and a month and a half ago: 23 October 2016, success by 3-2 on the Argentinians of Bolivar in the final for the third place.


IMMEDIATELY AGAINST AN IRANIAN AND A BRAZILIAN, AS IN 2018. The schedule of the first phase of the edition 2021 compiled by Fivb has many similarities with the one of 2018 (the latest previous participation of Trentino Volley): as happened in that circumstance, the yellow-blue will make their debut against an Iranian team (9 December at 0.30 against Foolad Sirijan, while in 2018 it happened with Ardakan) and then will face Sada Cruzeiro (twenty-four hours after).


EIGHT WORLD TITLES ON THE FIELD IN THE MATCH WITH SADA. On Friday 10 December, Trentino Volley will face again Sada Cruzeiro, one of the two Brazilian teams at the start of the tournament (the other is Funvic Taubatè, inserted in Pool A), reviving a match gone on stage three times in this manifestation: two in 2014 in Doha (yellow-blue win by 3-2 on 16 October and then by 3-0 three days ago in the final) and one in Rzeszow in 2018 (28 October, success in four sets). The match with the Brazilians is going to be particularly evocative also for Fivb: facing there are two Companies that have won the most numbers of world titles, even eight (five for Trento, 3 for Sada) out of fourteen already played editions overall.


GOOD THE FIRST IN SEVEN CIRCUMSTANCES. In the eight previous participations to the World Cup per Clubs, the debut has been positive in seven cases for Trentino Volley, which was able to win all debuts of this manifestation, apart from the one of the edition 2014 (defeat by 0-3 with Al-Rayan): the positive previous debuts are related to 3-1 on Zamalek in the edition 2009, 3-0 on Dinamo Mosca in 2010, 3-0 on Al Ahly in 2011, 3-2 on Al-Rayyan in 2012, 3-1 on Kalleh in 2013, 3-0 on Minas Tenis Clube in 2016, 3-0 on Ardakan in 2018.


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