Trento, 29 March 2023

Michieletto: "The Play Offs are amazing and uncertain, but we believe in our skills"

“I’ve been lucky because I already won some important titles, although my short carrier; however, I want to keep trying to achieve some more, also with Trentino Volley, considered that we often came close to some significant goals – explained Alessandro Michieletto this morning live on Radio Dolomiti - . Last Sunday, during game 3 against Monza, we did great at holding on and at accepting the fact that we weren’t at our best, but we were aware of being able to achieve our goals anyway. Moreover, we played at home so, thanks to our public help, we felt like we could make it: that’s because at the BLM Group Arena, you can feel how the opponents’ score hits differently. So, in front of our fans, we feel much stronger”.
“We strongly believe in our skills – continued the hitter spiker - ; these Play Offs are well balanced and amazing, but the regular season final already foresaw an amazing season end for everybody. Now, we’re only thinking about game 4, scheduled for next Sunday in Monza, against which we’ve been competing for the past two weeks.
These matches are different from the other ones, we get to know each other better and you can feel that there’s something different in the air. We talk a lot about volleyball at home and we exchange pieces of advice, even if it often happens to make fun of each other. I really hope to become a flag of this Club”.

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