Biella, 31 October 2023

Itas Trentino-Sir Susa Vim Perugia 1-3, Del Monte Supercoppa Match Report

Match report. Itas Trentino presents itself on the tricolour mondoflex of the Biella Forum confirming the set-up proposed for the first two matches of the championship: Sbertoli as setter, Rychlicki opposite, spiker - Michieletto and Lavia as hitter spikers, Podrascanin and Kozamernik, Laurenzano as libero. Sir Susa Vim Perugia responded with Giannelli as setter, Jaime Herrera opposite spiker, Leon and Semeniuk as hitter spiker, Flavio Gualberto and Solé as middle blockers, Colaci as libero.
The  yellow-blue’s  start  was  scorching,  also  because  the  Umbrians  immediately  appeared very nervous, conceding a couple of errors at the net and the winning rebuilds by Michieletto and Rychlicki.  At  6-1  Perugia  had  already  called  a  discretionary  time  out,  but  when  the  game resumed, it was Trento again laying down the law (10-4 and 14-7), forcing Lorenzetti to take action  (Ben  Tara  in  for  Jaime  Herrera  and  Plotnytskyi  for  Semeniuk).  The  yellow-blue  block  was impassable  and  continued  to  put  pressure  on  Sir  Susa  Vim,  even  finding  direct  points  with Podrascanin  and  Rychlicki  (17-9).  In  the  final,  Itas  Trentino  controlled  the  score  well,  not allowing the opponents to get too close (21-16 and 23-19) and then going to the change of court on 25-20 thanks to a wild Lavia, very active in attack throughout the set. Sir Susa Vim's reaction came immediately at the resumption of hostilities; with Plotnytskyi on the court for Leon, the Umbrian team found greater efficiency in reception and the ball change became more fluent. Trento suffered the regularity of the opponents, who were also inspired in the  counter-attack  phase,  and  quickly  lost  contact  (2-5,  7-10,  and  8-14),  without,  however, ceasing  to  fight.  In  the  second  half,  the  yellow-blue  did  their  best,  and  with  Kozamernik  and Podrascanin in the spotlight, they scared the Umbrians several times (from 12-18 to 15-18 and from  17-22  to  21-23),  without  however  finding  the  decisive  breakthrough  to  reopen  the discussion. Perugia went on the safe side, exploiting Plotnytskyi's incisiveness, and made it 1-1 at 22-25. Itas Trentino tried to restart after the change of court, capitalising on the effectiveness at the net of Rychlicki and Michieletto, whose attacks drew the first significant advantage (8-6 and 11- 8). Lorenzetti interrupted the game and got the desired response from his men, who evened the score  as  early  as  12.  The  second  half  of  the  half  was  hard-fought  point-to-point  (16-15);  an error by Flavio gave the yellow-blue a +2 lead (20-18), but Plotnytskyi's ace brought the situation back  to  even  (21-21).  An  error  at  the  net  by  Rychlicki  (22-23),  an  ace  by  the  newly-entered Leon  (22-24)  and  Solé's  first  time  (23-25)  decided  the  sprint. In the fourth set Perugia immediately took the lead (5-7, 9-12), hoisted by Ben Tara but also by  Leon  (in  for  Plotnytskyi).  It  was  precisely  a  long  series  of  serves  by  the  naturalised  Polishhammer that widened the gap even further, allowing the final breakaway to its team: from 10- 17  it  went  quickly  to  18-25  with  the  Tunisian  opposite  number  the  protagonist  of  the  last exchanges.

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