Trento, 18 February 2024

Itas Trentino-Valsa Group Modena 3-0, the match report

Itas Trentino returned to the court four days after the previous home match with the same starting six: Sbertoli as the coach on the floor, Rychlicki as opposite, Michieletto and Lavia as outside hitters, Podrascanin and Kozamernik as middle blockers, Laurenzano as libero. Modena responded with Bruno as setter, Davyskiba as opposite, Juantorena and Rinaldi at set 4, Brehme and Sanguinettias middle blockers, Gollini libero. The start is promising for the guests thanks to a good impact on the match by Brehme (2-5), but Michieletto leads the Yellow-blue’s reaction that already produces parity at 8 through an attack error by Juantorena, confirmed by the video check.
With Davyskiba in attack, Modena tried to escape again (9-12, time out by Soli) and Trento struggled to react this time (12-15) with the local coach inserting Nelli for Rychlicki. It then took a spinning serve from Michieletto (also topped by an ace) to find new parity (16-16), then it was Lavia's diagonal pass from set 4 that gave them their first lead (18-17). Alessandro with a block on Rinaldi signed the extension (22-20) and then protected the +2 (24-22); Davyskiba's error from the second line closed it out (25-22).
In the second set Soli kept Nelli on the court and Itas Trentino was not affected by the absence of its starting opposite number, as Lavia, Sbertoli and Michieletto almost immediately built up a sizeable lead (5-2, 9-5 and 11-7). The Valsa Group became nervous, struggling to put the ball on the ground, and the Italian Champions sank even more the blow (17-12) with great wall readings. Lavia found two aces in a row and Trento expanded (22-14), quickly finding the points that made it 2-0 and the mathematical certainty of victory in the regular season (which came as early as 25-17, Nelli's attack).
In the third set, Soli also gave space to D'Heer (replacing Podrascanin) and Magalini (already on court at the end of the previous set for Michieletto); the contest was balanced for a long time (5-6 and 9-9), before Trento accelerated with D'Heer serving (14-11) and with Cavuto also on court (replacing Lavia). It was Nelli and Magalini who put the yellow-blue’s score up (17-15), but the Emilians stayed in the slipstream for a long time (20-19); the Tuscan opposite number and Kozamernik on the block gave another break, the final one: 25-22 and 3-0.

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