Trento, 22 February 2024

Champions League, statistical notes and curiosities after the first leg of the quarter

Some statistical curiosities from the Gialloblù's point of view emerged after the first leg of the quarter-finals of the 2024 CEV Champions League, won by Trentino Itas in Berlin on Wednesday night against the hosts of the Recycling Volleys.

FASTEST MATCH OF THE SEASON. The one in the German capital was the match with the shortest duration among the thirty seasonal matches played so far by Trentino Volleyball: 69 minutes. Until Wednesday the fastest match was the one played at home against Catania on 26 November (72 minutes). To find a match closed more quickly by the yellow-blue we have to go back as far as  January 11th 2023 (success in three sets in Roeselare over Menen in 65 minutes, again in the Champions League).

ALWAYS SCORING FROM THREE IN THE SEASON'S EUROPEAN AWAY MATCHES. The European season campaign of Trentino Itas has been almost perfect so far. In Berlin, the Italian champions scored their fourth victory in as many matches played away from home in the 2024 CEV Champions League, in which they have always scored the full amount of points. Between the matches in Tours (November 23rd), Rzeszow ( December 13th) Ljubljana (January 10th) and Berlin (February 21st) the yellow-blue have in fact conceded just one set: the third won 25-23 in France by the hosts in the first away match of the season.

FIRST VICTORY IN THREE SETS IN GERMANY AGAINST A GERMAN TEAM. The victory on Wednesday evening in Berlin was the first ever victory in Germany with the maximum score for Trentino Volleyball against a local team. In the previous matches on German soil, in fact, the Club of via Trener had only obtained one victory in Berlin (in three previous matches) but by 3-1 (February 25th 2021), while in Friedrichshafen on 12 January 2011 it had lost in the tie break. On the shores of Lake Constance Trento had also played two other matches between 9 and 10 February 2021, winning one of them actually 3-0 but against a Russian team (Novosibirsk).

TRENTINO ITAS PASSES THE ROUND IF... To enter the Champions League semifinals for the fourth time in the last five seasons (possibly the eighth ever), Trentino Itas will need to win at least two sets in the return match scheduled for Thursday 29 February at the T daily Arena; thanks to the success in the first match in Germany 3-0, the yellow-blue will be able to lose in the tie break to avoid the golden set hypothesis, which will be played only in case of a victory in four parts at most by the Germans. Whoever makes it through the round will face either Halkbank Ankara or Cucine Lube Civitanova (who scored 3-1 in the first leg in Turkey on Wednesday).

BEL... LAVIA. Mvp (as he had already done on Sunday evening in the home match against Modena) and best scorer, in Germany Daniele Lavia showed off his best performance of the season both in terms of percentages (67% in attack, 76% positivity in reception), and in terms of the overall number of points (21), break points (9) and aces (4). His award confirms Trentino Volleyball's trend in the current edition of the Champions League: in the four matches played it has always been a yellow blue setter to receive the award: Michieletto in Tours, Magalini in Ljubljana and Lavia in Rzeszow and Berlin.

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