Perugia, 25 February 2024

Sir Susa Vim Perugia-Itas Trentino 3-1, the match report

Match report. Itas Trentino presents itself in front of the PalaBarton's five thousand spectators with a line-up that differs by only one element from the classic one: coach Fabio Soli leaves only Rychlicki at rest, deploying Nelli in his place in diagonal with director Sbertoli; the other five players in the starting six are Lavia and Michieletto as outside hitters, Podrascanin and Kozamernik as middle blockers, Laurenzano libero. The Sir Susa Vim proposed by Lorenzetti includes Giannelli at the direction, Ben Tara opposite, Plotnytskyi and Semeniuk as setters, Flavio Gualberto and Russo as middle blockers, Colaci as libero. The start was all in the sign of the hosts, who with Ben Tara (attack and ace) immediately took a 0-3 lead, forcing the yellow-blue to immediately take refuge in a time out. At the restart, however, the situation did not improve (1-5), but only later did Trento enter the game, pushed close to the opponents (9-10) by Michieletto and Lavia. Plotnytskyi's counter-attack was worth the new extension (11-14), but Alessandro himself, with his serve, closed the gap a few minutes later (18-19). The end saw the Umbrians accelerate again (21-18), but Lavia replied again (23-22); it was Semeniuk's error at the net that brought parity at 24-24. Plotnytskyi decided on the advantage at the fourth chance for the locals (25-27).
 Sir Susa Vim got off to an enthusiastic start in the second set with Semeniuk (3-7), but Itas Trentino did not give up and stayed in the slipstream with Lavia (7-8) and Nelli, who prevented Sir from getting too far ahead in the middle (13-15). In the final, Ben Tara came to the fore, attacking well and also blocking Michieletto (15-19). The opposite player was unstoppable and led his team to a 2-0 home win, which came more comfortably than in the previous game (20-25).
 In the third period the yellow-blue reacted and with Lavia and Kozamernik immediately gained a couple of points of advantage right from the start (5-3 and 8-5); Perugia tried to climb back up the slope, but always found itself in pursuit (11-7, 15-13 and 21-18) also because the Italian champions passed with good regularity in the pipes with Lavia and Michieletto and took advantage of the Umbrian errors at the service (seven in all). In the final it went from 22-20 to 25-22 with D'Heer (immediately a wall on Russo) and Pace on court, respectively in place of Kozamernik and Laurenzano.
 On 2-1 inside, Soli decided to insert the Cavuto-Magalini diagonal in place 4 in the starting line-up; initially the yellow-blue struggled to find the rhythm, then Nelli and Giulio himself gave hope for a new set and fought point to point (7-8 and 11-13). Ben Tara sank the blow in serve and attack (11-16); Trento could no longer respond, despite an incisive Cavuto, and had to surrender the fourth set and the match 17-25.

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