Trento, 17 October 2019

BLM Group Arena ready to host the season presentation evening: Friday 18th october, 8 p.m.

The BLM Group Arena of Trento is ready to host the evening presentation to the people of Itas Trentino 2019/20 season. The preparation works carried out in the last hours have in fact enabled to transform the arena of Via Fersina into a beautiful theatre that will host the show and above all more than three thousand fans who have secured a free ticket (already sold out) for the event. 
With the arrival in Trento of Candellaro and Russell, busy until last Tuesday in Japan with their respective national teams, there will really be every single protagonists of the season that officially starts on Sunday, October 20th in Ravenna (opening day of SuperLega, against Consar Ravenna).
The Italian band "The Kolors", special guest of the event, are ready to have the audience a great time playing their music which will be one of the many reasons of interest of the evening. There will also be time for a fond memory moment and for the presentation of the new jerseys. The event will be run by Ylenia and Mitch from Radio 105 and Demo Mura. 
As for the allocation of seats in the BLM Group Arena, fans in possession of the blue bracelet will have access to the venue from 7 p.m. through a specific entrance and will be able to sit in the parterre or in Curva Gislimberti, while those who are in possession of the yellow bracelet will be able to take their seats, also from 7 p.m., only in the Gradinata sector.

Itas Trentino 2019/20 season presentation to the city of Trento
Friday, 18th October 2019 - BLM Group Arena in Trento, starting time 8 p.m.

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